I was feeling bold one evening and professed that I was going to start a blog, my two best friends said they would read it, so here we are.

Sneak peek of my inner monologue:

  1. I am the son my father never had
  2. It is absolutely appalling when two people willingly sit on the same side of a booth at an eatery or dining establishment
  3. It is absolutely appalling when the name Jeffrey is spelled like Geoffrey
  4. I will never be the person who stops you on the street to ask if I can pet your dog, please carry on with your dog
  5. All groceries can be brought in from the trunk of the car in one trip, always
  6. Not a photogenic individual: Strong desire for people to be pleasantly surprised during face to face interactions
  7. The statement, “I forgot to eat dinner”, is a complete fallacy
  8. To be continued…